What is Technology Strategy?

Ever wonder what Technology Strategy really is.  I have had a few people approach me lately and asked what is Technology Strategy and is it the same as an architecture for a project?

The architecture of a project/solution is usually limited to one project.  It relates to definition of the various layers and components of a solution to a business problem or a collection of features.  A technology strategy on the other hand relates to overall business goals, principles and tactics of an organization.  It is often tied to business strategy of the organization and how a set of choices related to technology strategy help in tactical and strategic growth of the organization.

A technology strategy may also relate to people who manage or use those technologies in ways that create value for the organization.  In many large organizations that have grown over time, various different technologies usually are at use.  A technology strategy can identify integration opportunities and define an operating plan. This can also relate to ‘ring-fencing’ or put on the path of retiring solutions that use legacy technologies and/or are hard to maintain.

Defining a technology strategy is an important step that every CTO and technology executive should take and must do with it utmost diligence. It can be THE driving force that helps define an IT organization’s ROI, cost reduction/efficiency increasing opportunities; assessing organization’s capabilities, disruptive forces, threats; usage of resources and budgets; and most importantly relationship to the overall business strategy.

A technology strategy usually lasts a few months to a few years depending on the scale of changes identified and business values delivered by those strategies.

Executing a technology strategy requires identification of the right opportunities, threats, governance and managing a plan. In defining a plan, an organization has to keep its current technical resource capabilities strength and what roles and responsibilities can they manage.  And like any project implementation, execution of technology strategy plan has to have its milestones, deliverables and metrics follow up well planned and executed.

Morningview Technologies has the right depth of experience and exposure to help you in defining your technology strategy and executing it. Contact us to initiate this important step for your organization. Viramune

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Implementation strategies for SOA

SOA as a buzz word is well known and you can find several different articles out there that state what SOA is. However many technology executives still ponder on business benefits on moving forward with a SOA based solution and will implementing SOA take a long time.

SOA implementation usually is considered a time consuming task or a set of tasks with a lot of governance needed across the enterprise to reap the true benefits of SOA. With that follows analysis to paralysis state from some of most revered resources in organization which takes the breath out of SOA initiative even before its substantial benefits can even be thought through.

Truth of the matter is to successfully implement SOA, it has to start with only a couple of projects. SOA implementation as such will need to start with a set of guiding principles and these guiding principles shall grow and mature with the implementation of those projects. Once successful in those projects, the growth can be in a controlled organic fashion and let the over-arching governance slowly kick in.

SOA design principles:

SOA generally is based on two key principles of good business:
1. Delegate responsibility to the part of organization that’s best equipped to handle it and
2. Tell people what to do, not how to do it.

SOA, when designed with the above two principles, then simply becomes a collection of services that are atomic in nature using HTTP based web services or a set of REST based services where they are known for their usage and the underlying nature of implementation becomes agnostic. 

Keeping these simple rules in mind is very important to a successful SOA implementation strategy.

SOA implementation as a task

SOA implementation as a task is not bigger than any project.  In fact it is and should be considered as a subset of a project implementation.  With the right set of guidance and resources, an SOA implementation can easily be made a part of project lifecycle with little overhead to the project. 

Thus reaping rewarding benefits with reusable services, reduced maintenance, greater return on investment and increased efficiencies through the organization.

Morningview Technologies excels in providing design and architectural expertise for SOA based implementations across open source and commercial implementations such as TIBCO, IBM and Oracle-BEA. Hyzaar

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